Volkhardt Müller

seemanwithcredit2After 8 years in Britain, the majority of my responses to manifestations of British culture are still comparative: those of somebody conditioned by another culture. I have become conscious of this happening in reverse; applying my knowledge and experience of Britishness to my native culture. My desire to be both rooted and un-rooted as well as the lateral view of the foreigner are without doubt central to my practice. January 2011

I am from Swabia in South West Germany where I graduated with a Staatsexamen in Arts Education and a Research Degree in Intermedial Design from Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design.

Since I moved to the UK in 2002 I have worked across a range of media as maker of objects, mixed media installations and a performer of my own and other artists’ work. Most of my practice has an element of site or context specificity to it. This coincides with my interest in the politics of landscapes both rural and urban and the ways they are interconnected. As a member of Blind Ditch artists group I have worked collaboratively as a designer/ conceptual artist  for theatre & performance as well as key facilitator on the award winning VANLAND project. I teach, present and facilitate creative work from participatory art in the community to University level. I like to know where I am located within my immediate environment and the people that shape it. At the same time I am aware how important it is to think further and beyond.

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