Jane Mason

Jane trained in theatre at Bretton Hall University in the early 90’s. Since 1997 she has worked as an independent choreographer and performer creating her own work for live performance (Desert, The Brow, Come on Sun, Find This) and for film (ANDOUT, Hard Told, The Pleasure of Gliding). She danced for Random Dance (94-97) before freelancing for choreographers including (Charles Linehan, Wendy Houstoun, Emilyn Claid, Colin Poole, balletLorent) most recently in Grope and Find it and Pull it Out for Deborah Hay. She choreographs in various collaborative contexts including Street Dance for Lone Twin and with directors for theatre productions including : Mr Kolpert (Royal Court), Song of Songs (Weeding Cane), Breathing Irregular (The Gate) and SUSAN and DARREN, Old People, Children and Animals and most recently Entitled for Quarantine. Jane created Lone Dances, three solos for young men commissioned by SED and has been part of research with a scientific team at Ircam Paris, working with sound spatialisation technology since 2003.

Jane is still touring her current solo Singer developed in two Choreographic Centres in Normandy in Spring 2011 as part of DanSCe Dialogues Project I.

Jane will be developing a new duet Life Forces in Jan 2013 for 2013/14 touring.