Barbara Bridger

Barbara Bridger taught theatre and writing at Dartington College of Arts, becoming co-director of Writing in 2009. Her first script for live performance was performed in 1988 at the Royal Court Theatre Upstairs and her most recent was performed at the Etcetera Theatre in Camden in 2013.

Barbara Bridger’s digital films have been shown in the UK and internationally and her prose, poetry and critical writing have been published in a range of journals. In 2002 she won Prose Writer of the Year (Writers Incorporated) and she has been shortlisted for a number of awards, including Asham and Raymond Carver.

At Dartington, Barbara Bridger helped to develop Scripted Media. This explored experimental approaches to script and scripting and her research also focuses on women’s writing and inclusive dramaturgical processes. She is currently dramaturg for companies and individuals operating across a range of performance practices.