This City's Centre
A digital triptych for Exeter... and cities everywhere

Welcome to the online archive of This City's Centre, a digital triptych for Exeter inspired by views from the windows of 40 city centre residents. The project was devised and presented by Blind Ditch in collaboration with local residents and associate artists during 2013, as a participatory and interactive portrait of this rural cathedral city in three main parts - installation, interactive map and live performance.
This City's Centre consulted with Exeter citizens throughout its making process and this website holds some of the rich legacy of these thoughts and opinions offered to us through interviews on the street and in people's homes. There are also video documents of performances and discussions, images, twitter comments, blog posts and media commentary on the different stages of the work, as well as information on the artists involved and the creative process.
You can still contribute to This City's Centre by adding your your view to the window gallery here. Linger, the interactive project map is also still active and available from Exeter Phoenix and RAMM. Find out more here.
We would love hear your views on This City's Centre and any questions you might have about the process, any of the events you might have engaged with, or what you encounter on this site. Please email us through our contact form or comment.

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There’s quite a lot of light pollution at night when you look out towards Exeter. I like seeing Exeter at night. You get all the little chavs – boy racers – coming along our road. Cos its quite long and hilly so they race along there.Devon Resident

I look out onto the street and I see my friends that live opposite me or down the road and shout out coooeee.

City Centre Resident

We can see Haldon Hill from our bedroom window. I like being in the city looking out. I’m comforted by cities. I feel comfortable hearing traffic. I feel comfortable hearing people. I like hearing people. I love people, I like being near them. Being surrounded by people.

City Centre Resident
I have a wonderful view I can see the Cathedral, St Leonards Church I can see Stoke Hill – which are the hills up there. So I can watch the rain coming over the hills, and then coming into the city and then… there can be different weather in the city, and where I am there could be the sunshine.City Centre Resident
…On a Thursday… Friday… Saturday, Sunday, Monday… actually any night of the week at about 10.30 – 11 o’clock. Elbows up on the window ledge just staring out. Police cars fights drunken people swearing their love to each other people falling over students rag week looking out directly onto Fore St hill watching the parade of people.City Centre Resident

A park. A kiddies play park… houses trees and the view of the estuary right over across the city… and I’ve got fields at the top.

Exeter Resident
I’ve got the large high cemetery at the back of my house. People use it like a park, so you get joggers and dog walkers and people who want to visit the cemetery. It’s tree lined and I get all the birds, and there’s three squirrels. I can sit in bed in the morning and if I open my curtains… where the cemetery goes up the hill… I can see all that’s going on. People taking their kids to school.Exeter Resident
It can be 3 o’clock in the morning and I sit and look out – if I’m awake – and I can see the sky and there’s so much to see. I just like to see things as they go past. You see a fox roaming around. It’s lovely.Exeter Resident

My favourite view… from the top of John Lewis – you get to go up the stairs and you see everyone. You feel a bit like Lord Sugar from the top watching his empire … you’re fired!

Devon Resident